Akademi Ilmuan Sains Matematik Malaysia (AISMM)

ICM 2026

To: The Adhering Organizations of the International Mathematical Union (IMU)

Dear colleagues,

This letter is about the International Congress of Mathematicians to be held in the year 2026 (ICM 2026).

One of the objectives of the International Mathematical Union defined in the IMU Statutes is “... To support and assist the International Congress of Mathematicians ...”,

The IMU Executive Committee (EC) cordially invites all Adhering Organizations and national mathematical societies in IMU members to submit bids for hosting the International Congress of Mathematicians in the year 2026 and the IMU General Assembly meeting prior to this Congress.

Only electronic submissions are accepted. Submissions should be sent to [email protected].  For a bid to be considered by the Site Selection Committee it must be received no later than 30 November 2021.

The Site Selection Committee will evaluate all bids received, taking into account, but not restricted to, the mathematical ambience, the infrastructure and the economic conditions offered by each bidder, as well as the accessibility of the proposed site, the involvement of the local mathematical community, and the geographical distribution of places where ICMs took place in the past.

The IMU EC will prepare a recommendation based on the SSC's advice and refer this recommendation to the19th IMU General Assembly (GA), which will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 3–4 July 2022 prior to the ICM.  The GA will make the final decision on the location of ICM 2026.

Attached hereto are the ICM Bidding Guidelines endorsed by the IMU General Assembly 2018, and updated by the EC, providing advice and instructions to potential bidders. Please read the guidelines carefully.  The IMU has secured the web site icm2026.org to be used for the ICM 2026.  Every country interested in making a bid for ICM 2026 is strongly encouraged to do so.