Akademi Ilmuan Sains Matematik Malaysia (AISMM)


Keahlian Bersekutu Dan Penuh Dalam International Mathematical Union (IMU)

MALAYSIA menerusi AISMM telah diterima sebagai IMU Associate Member bermula 1 Ogos 2012 bagi tempoh 4 tahun dan IMU Full Member bermula 13 Julai 2016 sehingga kini.

IMU Associate application acceptance letter

General Information about the IMU

IMU is an international non-governmental and non-profit scientific organization, with the purpose of promoting international cooperation in mathematics. It is a member of the International Council for Science (ICSU), which is an umbrella organization for scientific unions and national science foundations.

Objective of IMU are:

  • To promote international cooperation in mathematics.
  • To support and assist the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICMs) and other international scientific meetings or conferences.
  • To encourage and support other international mathematical activities considered likely to contribute to the development of mathematical science in any of its aspects, pure, applied, or educational.
  • A special focus is the support of the development of mathematical research and education in the developing countries, by helping training of highly qualified personal, networking and capacity building, both in education and research.


  1. A country adheres to the Union through an Adhering Organization, which may be its principal academy, a mathematical society, its research council or some other institution or association of institutions, or an appropriate agency of its government. The adhering countries are designated hereinafter as the Members of the Union.
  2. The term “country” is to be understood as including diplomatic protectorates and any territory in which independent scientific activity in mathematics has been developed, and in general shall be construed as to secure the broadest and most effective participation of mathematicians in the scientific work of the Union.